The Perfect Bible for the iPhone (& iPad)?

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Crossway recently release their ESV Bible + for the OS4.  The introductory cost is $9.99.  Is it worth it?  

First, you should know that Crossway has a free version of the ESV called the ESV Bible (with no “+”).  If you do not have the money to spring for the ESV Bible +, you should definitely get the ESV Bible.  

If you have the money though, I think it is well worth it.  The interface is very elegant, probably the best of any Bible app that I have seen.  

Over and above what you get on the ESV Bible, the ESV Bible + has the following features:

  • All of the ESV Study Bible notes and resources
  • ESV audio with text scrolling
  • An index of Study Bible Articles
  • Snap-Back feature for returning to previous screen
  • New My Notes interface, which will sync with your ESV Online account in the coming months

These features make it a no brainer . . . the ESV Study notes, audio with scrolling, and coming integration with ESV Online.

The price will be going up to $12.99 very soon, so get it now!

Go to the ESV Bible Blog for more information.

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