Worship at the Church of Apple

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A couple of days ago ABC News published a story called “Looking for a New Religion? Apple Gives Dose of the Divine.”  While our immediate reaction might be that it is absurd, I think there is a lot of truth in it.  There are many that worship at the Church of Apple.  How many people anxiously awaited their new iPhone 4?  

But this does not just apply to Apple (though they may have more devoted followers than most). I think that our technology can easily and very quickly becomes idols that we worship. Technology is a good thing . . . something created by the image-bearers of the the great Creator as they imitate Him.  What we do with it is the problem.  These items quickly grab the affections of our hearts.  

What grabs the affections of your heart?

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The Perfect Bible for the iPhone (& iPad)?

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Crossway recently release their ESV Bible + for the OS4.  The introductory cost is $9.99.  Is it worth it?  

First, you should know that Crossway has a free version of the ESV called the ESV Bible (with no “+”).  If you do not have the money to spring for the ESV Bible +, you should definitely get the ESV Bible.  

If you have the money though, I think it is well worth it.  The interface is very elegant, probably the best of any Bible app that I have seen.  

Over and above what you get on the ESV Bible, the ESV Bible + has the following features:

  • All of the ESV Study Bible notes and resources
  • ESV audio with text scrolling
  • An index of Study Bible Articles
  • Snap-Back feature for returning to previous screen
  • New My Notes interface, which will sync with your ESV Online account in the coming months

These features make it a no brainer . . . the ESV Study notes, audio with scrolling, and coming integration with ESV Online.

The price will be going up to $12.99 very soon, so get it now!

Go to the ESV Bible Blog for more information.