What the Congregation is Really Thinking

It's Funny Because It's True, sermon

Since I am preaching this week, I found this especially funny.  Of course, it is not 100% true … but it’s probably more true than I would hope.  

It is especially helpful this week, since I am preaching on humility.  🙂

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Why is Preaching So Important?

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from Mark Driscoll’s Blog:

There is an ongoing debate as to the purpose of the sermon and whether it should focus on converting the lost or maturing the saved. The apparent conflict between preaching for seekers and preaching for believers is resolved simply by noting that both need to repent of sin and trust in Jesus to live a new life empowered by the Spirit. Therefore, a sermon can and should effectively communicate to both audiences, and it will if the preacher is able to go after the root of sin and explain Christian jargon in order to speak the “tongue” of the hearer. This includes saying the name of Jesus and making him known.