The Joy of Air Travel


Alright . . . I am flying out of Brunswick, Georgia this morning to get back to Huntsville, so that I can leave on Monday for a summer conference with our youth at the beach.  I got to the airport at a few minutes to 6am for my 6:45am flight. (More than enough enough time for the tiny Brunswick airport [1 gate?].)

When I got here, I found out that the plane was delayed until 7:55am because the flight crew got in late and needed 8 hours rest.  I am all for my flight crew getting their rest . . . but here’s the problem.  I am now sitting in the little cafe of the airport.  At the table next to me is the pilot for my flight (on his laptop) . . . he arrived at the airport the same time I did.  Well, I suppose surfing on the internet is rest! 🙂

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