TiVo Survey Reveals Top 10 Most Unforgettable TV of 2006

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According to Tivo the top 10 TV moments of 2006 were

1. Katie Couric’s last day on “Today”
2. Mel Gibson’s interview with Diane Sawyer after his DWI arrest
3. Oprah tells author James Frey he betrayed readers
4. Sara and Grissom get together on “CSI”
5. Faith Hill’s reaction to Carrie Underwood’s win at “CMA Awards”
6. Kirstie Alley’s bikini reveal on “Oprah”
7. “Will & Grace” series finale in which their kids start dating
8. Kate and Sawyer get together on “Lost”
9. Rosie O’Donnell’s debut on “The View”
10. Connie Chung attempting a sultry serenade of Maury Povich

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