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Additional Resources/Bibliography:

A = Easy

B = Intermediate

C = Advanced


1. Theology (These books are helpful in understanding the other 23 Words even if they are not referenced again.)

“The Lord of Power” by John Frame (article) [A]

Salvation Belongs to The Lord by John Frame [A]

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief by John Frame [C]

The Doctrine of God by John Frame [C]

Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne & Elliot Grudem [A]

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine by Wayne Grudem [B]

Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin [C]

Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge [C]

Systematic Theology by Louis Berkof [C]


2. Lordship

Ch.1-7 of The Doctrine of God by John Frame


3. Revelation

Taking God At His Word: Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me by Kevin DeYoung [A]

The Doctrine of the Word of God by John Frame [C]

Fundamentalism and the Word of God by J. I. Packer [B]

Inerrancy by Norman Geisler [C]

The Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy: Muting the Masculinity of God’s Words by Vern Poythress & Wayne Grudem [B]


4. Trinity

Understanding the Trinity by Alister McGrath [A]

for further reference see systematic theologies reference in #1


5. Humanity

Designed for Dignity: What God has Made it Possible for You to Be by Richard Pratt [A]

Created in God’s Image by Anthony A. Hoekema [B]

The Temple and the Church’s Mission: A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God by G. K. Beale [C] – especially chapter 3

The Christian View of Man by J. Gresham Machen [B]


6. Sin, Evil, & Death

The Mortification of Sin: A Puritan’s View of How to Deal with Sin in Your Life by John Owen [C]

also, see The Christian View of Man above


7. Covenant

The Christ of the Covenants by O. Palmer Robertson [A]

Far as the Curse is Found by Michael D. Williams